NYC ADA Agenda For action
spring 2020 newsletter


Medicare For All – The Visible Challenge

Languishing in the New York State Legislature (since 1992) is a bill – The New York Health Act  (Medicare for All in New York State) – which has the potential to transform the lives of all NY State residents as well as serve as a model for the nation as a whole. The bill…

The Coronavirus – The Invisible Challenge

The coronavirus pandemic – and COVID-19, the disease it causes – arrived silently, stealthily, and invisibly sometime after the beginning of 2020.  It isn’t going away anytime soon!  University of Minnesota researchers say that it may last as long as two years – until the majority of the population is immune (herd immunity achieved…

Save the U.S. Postal Service

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney’s (D-NY) Postal Banking Act would save the United States Postal Service. And, indeed, it needs saving! President Donald Trump and the Republicans are after the Post Office big time! The Post Office has 625,000 employees and provides middle class jobs for its workers including minorities. It is required to break even…